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The World of hookah smoking products

Variety of hookahs from popular manufacturers.

Online store offers legendary brand hookahs Khalil Mamoon (premium line of Egyptian Hookahs), Mya Saray, economical priced Econo Mya shisha pipes. Multihose hookahs available in 2-,3-,4-hose hookah. Shop presents all sizes from small to premium tobacco pipes. Acrylic, Bohemian, Modern and Exotic hookahs will satisfy any shisha smoking enthusiast. Exotic hookahs are best option for trendy places like hookah bar or club.

Most popular shisha brands. Herbal tobacco and vapor stones.

We are pleased to bring you world famous brands of premium shisha tobacco like Starbuzz, Golden Layalina, Social Smoke, Fantasia, Havana. Classical brands for experienced hookah users are Al-Fakher, Nakhla Mizo, Sheherezade, Al-Amir. New modern Starbuzz E-Cig, Hydro Herbal shisha molasses, Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones, Mya Rocks Vapor Stones are 100% tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and available in popular traditional flavors. It's a best choice for people who do not accept any nicotine.

High quality hookah charcoals

There are two types of coal for hookah smoking, quick-light and natural. We carry such brands as Coco Nara Hookah Coals made from coconut shells, Lemon Wood Charcoals, Japanese semi quick lighting charcoals, Al-Fakher Charcoal quick lighting charcoal, Fantasia Air-Flow Natural coal.

Hookah Accessories & Replacement Parts

Shop provides a variety of Hookah accessories: Hookah Bowls, Phunnel Bowl, Vortex bowl, Double Head Ceramic Hookah Bowl. Bohemian, Acrylic, Glass hookah replacement vases. All sizes of hookah hoses. Cleaning supplies, Torch Lighters, Vase Protectors, Mouthpieces, Charcoal Screen, Filters, Hookah tongs.

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